After 24 hours of not really getting any action even though the fish were clearly showing I moved down to the deeper water… another 24 hours passed with a few aborted takes

I decided to make my rigs longer as I felt 4/5 inch rigs were not long enough as it was a little soft on the lead landing.

So up to 7 inches on a blow back style rig critically balanced with a 12mm VNF pop up tipped with 2 fake maggots and 4 live maggots gave this a perfect presentation with a large PVA bag of broken VNF bottom baits and 2 handfuls of live maggots. This proved to be just too tempting and within 20 minutes we were into this stunner, the margins were so shallow I had to walk out about 3 or 4ft to have enough depth to land the fish and also get a soaking for my troubles having to cradle here tight in my arms to get her to the mat.
She went just over 37lb 8ozs and is my new UK Mirror/Ghost carp PB happy days.


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