The week before had seen fish out all around the lake, but walking around on Saturday morning I noticed more activity in front of Tea Party 1 and Turtles. These would be my first choice swims. Unfortunately, I drew 11 out of 12 in the draw, but was delighted to find Shingles still

free next to Turtles and was quite happy to put my name to it.

My tactics were to work a baited area with a mix of maize, VNF and KSC on which I put two rods. Hook baits were match the hatch wafters both tipped with plastic corn.

The third rod was cast out with a solid bag, 4 rod lengths off the spot towards Turtles, with approx. 100 baits scattered with a stick. Again a mix of VNF and KSC. I was hoping that this scattering would draw some of the fish away Turtles and onto my baited area.

The first fish came on Sunday evening to KSC in a solid bag, a 47lb 8oz Mirror called “Errol”

The bag produced again on Monday with a 36lb 8oz common followed at first light on Tuesday morning with a brute called “Mr Massive” at 45lb 8oz, again on the solid bag.

 All remained quiet on the spot, so I decided to stop feeding for Wednesday to keep the area quiet. This worked and just before dinner Wednesday evening I had a double-take both from the spot. A 38lb common called “Old Town Road” and a 25lb 8oz common.

After this, the baited area was topped up with 5 spombs each lunchtime or after a fish. All remained quiet Thursday morning, but then 3:30pm a run that turned into my 3rd 40 of the week being 44lb mirror. I had just got this in the net when the middle rod ripped off resulting a very pretty 29lb Scaley Mirror. Leaving both fish in their respective nets I got the first rod backout and had the bobbin ripped out of my hand as a third fish took the KSC wafter. This one was another common at 35lb 8oz.

My last fish turned up Friday morning before first light, dragging me in the dark and rain from my bivvy but I was very happy to get the net around another mirror at 32lb.
Total fish for the week was 12, including 3 40’s and 4 30’s. Baiting had worked well with most fish coming to the KSC as they had on Main Lake the previous year in October 2019″
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