In 2011 I was working in the production department for another company in the bait industry for over 5 years but unfortunately, the company had to cease trading.

I remember it like it was yesterday when the phone call came from the owner of the company, informing me that it was going to be sold! My heart instantly sank and not knowing how I would manage it, I blurted out “Please give me 24hours to raise the money”

I was actually fishing at the time so I lay on my bedchair racking my brains, how could I come up with the money to make my dream come true and keep the passion and fire burning.

I called a lifelong friend to explain the situation to see if he had any ideas as it was always a dream for us to run a business together.

Forever in his debt the friend in question amazingly put up the money for our journey to begin but long story short this didn’t last too long as you know what they say about friends and business. So, we decided to go our separate ways, I bought him out and we preserved our friendship which is still there to this day.

So that’s a little bit how it all began, I’m not a so-called big name in the angling industry neither will you find me all over social media or magazines but at the time of writing this I have over 15 years of hands-on experience in the bait industry so have picked up a thing or two along the way about bait construction.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel and brainwash you with the latest wonder ingredient but not saying we aren’t all ears if something new, exciting and genuine comes along and isn’t just a gimmick to make a quick buck!

Everything we do from the top to the bottom is done in-house under the strictest of scrutiny with passion as you will see from our finished products.

We use the freshest ingredients we can lay our hands on from only the best, proven, and reputable companies that have supplied the bait industry for decades.

We won’t fill you with rubbish and spiel, we don’t follow fashions or look for the so-called latest wonder(Cheap)ingredient. We just create what we think are ultimate food baits with ultimate attractor profiles that catch fish not the angler with unrivaled value for money.

Shaun Russell