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11951041_1629433750658748_829269993_nAnother great quick session on the club lake to say the least! After a little walk around the lake it became clear the fish were held up in the central part of the lake around a set of lilly pads, so I didn’t waste any time getting the rods out. The left hand rod was positioned to the left of the pads and the middle rod was put on the right of the pads and the right rod was on a spot just off the pads where I had seen fish top just before casting out. All 3 rod were on long running chods with 1/4 oz leads and baited with my personal favourite the VNF popups with around 50 or so matching bottom baits around each rod.

The first few hours before dark were slow with not much activity which was to be expected after the disturbance of casting out! But as the light started to fade the liners started and the fish started topping again into dark. Then just after 12 the middle rod was off but unfortunately after around 30 seconds the hook pulled which was abit disheartening after all the liners and topping! The rod was quickly rebaited with another VNF popup and put back on the spot with 50 more baits around it. It all went quiet for the next few hours with no activity at all the disturbance of playing the fish must have really spocked them off the pads! But then at around 5 the right hand rod was away with an absolute one toner! I was quickly on the rod and it was quickly apparent this was a good fish it must have stripped around 30 yards on its first run…luckily it was away from the pads after around 5 minutes of hard fighting in open water the fish slowly started to tire and I could feel it had some weight behind it! After a dogged battle in the shallow margin I slipped the net under her and she was mine,  a quick look in the net as you do and could see a huge flank of a golden common.

The scales and sling were all sorted and she was lifted out on to the mat and the colours of her were pukka and she was in mint condition and on the scales she went 30lb 2oz and I was over the moon to say the least!

20-8-15 Ashley Irvine 30lb 2oz VNFI was proper buzzing and as I was starting to tie on a new bait a fish topped right over my left hand rod so I decided not to recast the rod so not to disturb the fish that were still in the swim and the call payed off as at around 6ish the left hand rod was off , I picked the rod up and the reel was going mental the fish was going for the pads but just at the last second I managed to turn it back into open water and away from the pads. It was all going smoothly and then it all went solid and it had hit a weed bed I keeped the pressure on but it was solid. After around 5 minutes I decided to put the rod back down on the alarm and see if it would take line it was all still for around 10 minutes .  I see the line start to tighten up as the fish took line so I picked the rod back up and was back in contact with the fish. But this didn’t last long as it soon hit the same weed bed again and it was solid. I repeated the process again but had to wait arond 15 minutes this time before the fish started taking line but when it did it went straight for the pads again but  luckily again I managed to turn it just before it made them. This time it came in on a different line and avoided the weed bed thank god and after a good little scrap in the margin she was in the net safely! This fish was a stunning lightly scaled mirror of 21lb 8oz and again the colours and condition were sweet I was one happy angler!

20-8-15 Ashley Irvine 21lb 8oz VNF

That’s where the action come to an end but I was packing up with a big grin on my face!!

Tight lines Ashley Irvine


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