Name: Ashley Irvine 

Age: 35

Hometown: Sandy

UK P.B Mirror: 42.12

UK P.B Common: 41.7

Foreign: N/A

Occupation: VNA driver

Current Venues: Bedfordshire Syndicate 

Past Venues: Cambridgeshires syndicates & Beds club waters

Favourite Venue: Boat lake

Time spent on the bank: one/two nights a week

Angling history: I started course fishing on rivers and lakes with my dad at the age of six. I then progress into carp fishing when I was about 13 and have been hooked ever since!!

Most memorable catch: It would have to be catching my first 40+ carp and having all my close angling friends there!!

Fishing style/Type of angler: In the summer months I’m a very mobile angler and spend hours and hours surface fishing and stalking which is mostly done on quick work overnighters and evenings. Then in the winter I’m more of a long session angler and try to keep a few swims pre baited all through winner which has served me well over the years!!

Testimonial: Ive been using Xcel for many years now ( 7 years if my memory is correct).. Back then Shaun only had the KSC on sale which in my opinion and hundreds of others is by fair the best fish meal bait money can buy!! And the KSC caught me so many fish it was unreal and I was sold. Then the genius that is Mr Shaun Russell came up with something that was the total polor opposite of the KSC and the mighty VNF was born! Being a team member back then I was able to get my hands on some of the first batches made. And wow!! what a bait, if you are after an instant attract bait that will catch anything that swims then looks no further then the VNF it has accounted for hundreds of fish for myself over the years, including multiple 40s and and god knows how my 30s!! Then we get on to the MAX and mr Russell has really out done himself with this one!! I have been working with Shaun over the past year or so testing the MAX out. And I’m in utter shock how amazing this bait really is, ive had some mega seasons over the years while using Xcel,  but this season on the MAX will be one to remember!! I’m hoping Shaun will put off the public sales of the MAX for as long as possible so I can keep my edge LOL!!!

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