Name: Dale Glover

Hometown: Leicestershire

UK PB Mirror: 39lb 8oz

UKPB Common:34lb 8oz

Foreign: NA

Occupation: Painter and Decorator

Current venue: Guys syndicate

Past Venue: Horseshoe, Linear complex, Leicestershire and Warwickshire still waters

Favourite Venue: linear Complex (guys lakes)

Time spent on the bank: Two three day sessions a month

Angling History: I started fishing with my father on the midlands canals from the age of around five, since then I have fished many
waters from rivers, canals lakes and the fenland drains. I have fished for all kinds of species of fish, and have touched up on different kinds of angling such as pleasure, match, predator and of course specimen. Much of my time now is in pursuit of specimen carp, and am lucky enough to have the backing of Sonik Sports and Xcel Baits as well as a member of the UKCA doing regular features and reviews along the way.

Memorable catch: To many to remember now days, lots of fish I catch stick in my mind, and its not always the biggest that can stay there, its often the well deserved or hard going in my mind, but my first 30lb+ fish gave me a scrap to remember, and to this day I can still see the rod hooped over in the early morning mist!!
Testimonial: I’ve always liked a good food bait boilie, and with Xcel you get just that, I took the KSC range on my first session and  caught from the off, that told me all I needed to know from then on. I look forward to keep on using it, but its not just that, with  Xcel you get customer service, a company for the angler, with the angler in mind.

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