It Don’t Have To Be Big To Be Beautiful by Ashley Irvine

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I had a rare chance to get down my intimate club water for a mid week 24 hour session. On arrival at first light to my surprise the car park was empty so I had the whole 3 1/2 acres to my self. I didn’t waste any time loading the barrow and I was off for a walk around to try and locate some fish. I stopped about halfway round on the point swim where I could see the whole lake and give me the best chance of seeing any fish showing. I didn’t have to wait long about 2 minutes and I saw my first show on the far bank and then in quick succession about four more show along the far bank. I didn’t need an invitation I was off on the hunt for a dark scaley one!. I decided on a swim that was right in the middle of where I had just seen the fish showing, my thoughts were not to jump right on top of them and spook them. The rods where all ready to rock with my old faithful hinge stiff rigs all I had to do was tie on three white VNF 16mm popups and I was away. I had rod down the left margin and one to the right and one out in the middle and all rods where baited with 50 or so mixed VNF and KSC 16mm bottom baits.

And it didn’t take long before the right hand rod was away probably no more than 10 minutes. After a good fight she was mine a lovely old scaley 22lb original mirror and one I hadn’t had before so I was over the moon!. The right hand rod was flicked back out on the spot with a few more 16mm around it and I started setting the house up.

2-4-15 Ash  White VNF POP (3)

But I was rudely interrupted with the middle rod screaming off and I was in again and it was another hard fight but she was soon mine and sulking in the net. And it was another lovely scaley one of 18lb .
And the rod was flicked back out to the spot quickly with a little more bait as I know they swim round in small pack and was hopeful for another bite!. It all went quiet for about 45 minutes so I carried on putting the house up and I must have only put 2 pegs in and the middle rod was away again I couldn’t believe it these fish don’t give them self’s
Up easily!. This one was much harder fighting and was kiting from left to right and then went mental under the rod tip!. But she soon gave in and was in the net. I lifted the net to see my prize and was in aure at the colour of this mirror it was as black as my Xcel hoody!. She was quickly put on the scales and went 20lb which I was shocked at but she was fat!.

2-4-15 Ash  White VNF POP

So after a hectic couple of hours I finally got the house up at last and got a brew on. The rest of the day was quiet with no more action or shows but as the sun started to go down the middle rod was off again. It was a bit of a weird one because the fish managed to snag itself on something on the bottom on a snag I wasn’t aware of.

2-4-15 Ash 20lb White VNF POP

But after a little bit of persuasion she came free and came straight to the net. This one was another old scaley one of 19lb not the biggest but one of the prettiest it was like a lin and fully scaled crossed, real nice!. And that was it for the day I settled down for some grub and got my head down for an early start at first light. But I was soon woken up at about 3 in the morning to the left hand rod screaming off again. This fish was a lovely little low double common that was still welcome in my net!. Then with the rod flicked back out it was back to bed for some sleep before first light. Then just as the sun was starting to rise all hell broke loose the middle rod went into melt down I was quickly out the bivvy and into something a bit slower moving and plodding,it was a long slow fight but she was soon in the net. And when I had a little look in the net I could see it was a big old one and the scales she went 25.8 and I was made up with this one it was another one of the originals I hadn’t had!.

2-4-15 Ash 25lb 8oz  White VNF POP

And that’s where the action ended but I was more than happy with what I had , 6 fish in total and please don’t be fooled by the size of these fish most are well over 30 odd years old they just don’t grow big in there but they makeup for that in character and looks!!. Finally f a big thanks to Shaun for the pukka bait as always and for letting me give him a running commentary on the session but I know he loved it!;)

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