A few of our lads are still having some brilliant results on the VNF as the conditions get a bit more realistic for this time of year which we will show you over the next few days. We’ll get started with Bobbie Horseman who wouldn’t let the freezing conditions beat him….

“I arrived at the Copse at around 6pm on a cold Friday night, I put both rods out on to my known spots, 8” KD rigs with VNF bottom baits and flouro pop-ups was my choice of hook bait with a light scattering of VNF boilies over the top. After an uneventful night I awoke to see a frozen solid lake, with the nursery lake also frozen I had no choice but to head over to the Match lake, I had the place to myself so I set up in an area which receives a lot of sunlight, flicking the same rigs into a silt gulley at 68 yards and baiting with around 1kg of VNF I instantly had a take from this stunning common, unfortunately no more action was received apart from one aborted take, what a result!”12524313_997947530265793_3569051946486411038_n

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