Name: Harry Hollidge  


Hometown: Stevenage  

UK P.B Mirror: 33lb 8oz 

UK P.B Common: 26lb  

Foreign: N/A 

Occupation: N/A 

Current Venues: Lea Valley Club Lake  

Past Venues: Fairlands Valley Park  

Favourite Venue: Lea Valley Syndicate  

Time spent on the bank: Every weekend  

Angling history: I’ve been fishing since I was 6 years old and kept it going ever since  

 Most memorable catch: My most memorable capture for me was the biggest fish in the lake out of a small pit that I had been putting the effort in, and in 8 short day sessions I had landed 20 fish out of 40 in the lake and had the biggest fish in the pond  

Fishing style/Type of angler: Depending on what venue but my favourite fishing style is stalking the carp  

Testimonial:  The products are top quality,  I have so much confidence in them and would take it anywhere with me! 



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