Tommy Flower tells us about his first session on a new water and a start of a new adventure…

“The lake itself is steeped in history the stock isn’t huge with iv been told around 50-70 fish in around 15 acres with mainly commons that swim its depths although there are a scattering of old original mirrors.

I arrived well before first light in search of any signs that would give them away. As I sat beside the water with the sun slowing rising a huge fish crashed out to my left this was followed by two more out in front then followed by a number of shows in a little snaggy bay to my right. Not wanting to risk spooking these fish a carefully placed 3 single VNF Corkball pop ups where I had seen Fish roll. Each rod went down with a thud and I was confident my multi rigs would be presented well. I couldn’t get any bait over the two rods in open water due to the gulls although I did manage to put 3 x 12mm Dumbbells over the bay rod every twenty minutes or so which luckily went unnoticed and also kept disturbance to a minimum. After a while the shows ground to a halt and I thought my chances were gone.
As I sat at the waters edge scanning the water the bay rod buckled in the rests and my first battle commenced. I’m always nervous when playing a fish from a new venue but when I caught a glimpse of a good mirror twisting and turning in the gin clear depths my heart was in my mouth. With the fish safely engulfed by the mesh of my net I sat beside the water starring at my prize. She was gorgeous and probably twice as old as me. The mirrors are few and far between with every one of them being as special as the next and I had one in the net on my very first morning.
A very merry Christmas indeed”

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