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My Thoughts On Xcel by Tommy Flower

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With the amount of bait firms out there and the fact that everyone and their dog are all trying to become field testers, consultants and sponsored anglers it is very hard to take people for their word on really how good a certain bait is. Its all very well that they rate the bait firm they are with and of course they are under a certain obligation to promote said bait at every opportunity but how many people are recommending baits to just try and look good, move up the ladder and try to get bait as cheap as humanly possible or that a bigger bait firm will see their exploits and snatch them away. Leaving their previous firm without a care for any investment that has been put into them.

Now I am putting myself out there for criticism because I moved bait firms in the past year but not because a better deal came along or that I had even been approached by another company. I had simply reached a point where a change was needed. I left on good terms and see that period in my life as a very positive one as I made many good friends from it and got to experience things I may never have had the chance to do.

Once I was my own man again a friend of mine suggested I should have a look at Xcel baits. Now the friend who told me about Xcel is an exceptional angler and one I have the utmost respect for so if they were being highly recommended by him then they would definitely be worth a look at. So with a bit of homework done I got in contact with Shaun. Instantly I liked what I was hearing and the fact that he is a smashing bloke my mind was made up and an order was placed. Well as the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating and to say I was impressed is an understatement. From service to putting fish on the bank all expectations were well and truly exceeded.

The Quarry Lakes Lee's Fish at 35lb 8oz

The Quarry Lakes Lee’s Fish at 35lb 8oz


The last few months I have been using Xcel baits I have caught some incredible fish topped by my favourite “Lea’s fish” from the quarry in Essex. Which literately engulfed a KCS pop up within seconds of it first entering the water on my first ever visit to the venue. I know what your thinking that’s just luck. Well I got lucky once again to day with my first fish of 2015 a rather clean good looking mirror of 28lb4oz in conditions that lets say was rather Uncarpy.

First Xcel victim of 2015 at 28lb 4oz

First Xcel victim of 2015 at 28lb 4oz

So I have started off the year in good fashion and plan to continue in the same way, as long as my fishing skills can match the quality of bait I will be using then I am sure that its going to be a very very good year.So if you see me singing the praise of Xcel baits be assured that I believe 100% in what I am saying and no you won’t be seeing me at a different bait firm for many many years to come if ever in fact. I am in a situation where I can fish with total confidence in my bait. Although it does leave me in a slight predicament, I can no longer list the bait as a reason for any blank sessions oh well the weather it will have to be.

I would just like to say thanks to the friend that recommend Xcel you know who you are! A rather big thank you to Shaun for allowing me the opportunity to become part of something that is all rather special.

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