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Dale Walters accompanied his brother out to France, on a trip to Lake Bossard that we mentioned a few days ago. For Dale, it was evident the fish were on him in gusto and he enjoyed a cracking session.

After applying the VNF Food Source bait to a far margin at a range in excess of 100yds, Dale fished matching pop ups to his marks and received 24 runs, landing 14 of them, with 8 bruisers over 40lbs, topped by a 46lb Mirror and 6 over 30lbs.

Dale’s tactics of mixing up sizes of his loosefeed, with 12,16 and 18mm baits his choice, really seemed to get the fish grazing in confidence!12042652_948639041863309_3765339879831842695_n12019869_948639108529969_2788457718408231380_n


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