K.S.C Paste


Our superb K.S.C (krill-squid-crab) is designed with nutrition and the well being of carp at the forefront of everything we do.

Our complex bespoke basemix is made up of over 20 high quality ingredients, including no fewer than 7 of the finest fishmeals money can buy, which include antarctic krill meal, low-temperature fishmeals, squid meal and pre-digested fishmeal just to name a few. We have top quality bird foods, 2 different top-class milk proteins, with a subtle blend of spices and not forgetting the legendary GLM and squid extracts coupled with our very own unique amino liquid blend you can understand why the KSC has accounted for some great fish and will be around to stand the test of time.

The KSC has a sweet fish aroma, with a meaty spiced undertone. The paste is perfect for wrapping hookbaits or for rolling your own irregular-sized hookbaits.

Available in 300gm (3x100gm) blocks

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