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KSC Plus Hardhookers have been constructed on the same base as the KSC Freezer baits but with a few special extras and are completely natural, proving irresistible to carp. With the already devastating natural ingredients which include GLM, Squid Extracts, Pre-Digested Fishmeal, Krill included at elevated levels and we have also added several more proven ingredients that make these something a bit special. The hook baits go through a 10-week process until they are ready! Once they have been rolled and boiled, they are left to dry for a week. Once they are dry they are ready for their coating process which is made up of Amino Liquid, salt, raw powdered aminos, vitamin & minerals, GLM, Squid, Pre Digested Fishmeal, Krill, Blood powder and the several additions we mentioned earlier which are also in the actual hookbaits. The coating process happens daily for 8 days, to build up the deadly active coating. Once this has been completed they are cured in our salt solution for minimum of 8 weeks as we want the salt to naturally extract as much moisture from the hookbaits and coating as possible.

These hookbaits have been devastating for well over 2 years during our testing period, accounting for some huge fish just shy of 50 pound and also tripping up some very elusive ones that have evaded captures for a number of years!


When you receive your hookbaits they will come in a pot of sea salt granules to keep them naturally preserved.

They are hardhookers so a drill we be needed to mount on a hair or possibly a fine boilie needle may suffice. Ideally if you can tie them on,  this is even better as this will reduce water ingress and keep them harder for longer if you need them out for extended periods. Ultimately there are many ways to attach your hook baits but just keep in mind any pierced bait will not last as long as being tied on.

It is important that you always keep lids screwed on securely when not in use as the hookbaits and salt in the pots will attract moisture and turn the soluble ingredients in the coating a bit of a mess.

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