K.S.C Washed Out Pink Pop Ups


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Our KSC Food Source washed out pink pop ups have exactly the same make up as the Freezer Baits and other pop ups in the range. We have crammed these food signal pop-ups full of the exact same ingredients that are in our freezer baits, which include Antarctic krill, squid, kelp, milk proteins, blood haemoglobin, blended spices, sea salt and the legendary GLM & squid extracts, finished off with original minamino liquid and the mighty super crab flavour. Even though the same ingredients have been used the liquid flavour levels are slightly lower as to replicate a bait that has been washed out and safe to eat. These pop ups have been through rigorous testing by our Team and the results have been exactly what we were after with bites coming thick and fast time and time again.

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12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm


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