V.N.F 10 Kilo Bait Deal


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10KG V.N.F Food Source Boilies
Tub of Pop Ups
Tub of Wafters
1KG V.N.F Stick Mix
500ML V.N.F Bait Soak


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Freezer Boilies, Shelflife Boilies

Boilie Size

Boilies 10mm, Boilies 15mm, Boilies 18mm, Boilies 24mm, Dumbell Boilies 12x15mm, Dumbell Boilles 15x18mm

Matching Pop Up Size

Pop Up 12mm, Pop Up 14mm, Pop Up 16mm, Pop Up 18mm

Matching Wafter Type/Size

Wafter 11mm x 14mm, Wafter 15x 18mm, Corkdust Wafter 15mm, Corkdust Wafter 18mm


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