V.N.F Wafters


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Our VNF wafters are far from you usual generic over flavoured wafters , which have lost there pulling power after 5 minutes. We have crammed these food signal wafterss full of the exact same ingredients that are in our freezer baits, with milk proteins, CSL, feed inducing palatants plus a couple a special extras then  finished off with a lovely vanilla and fudge flavour package

These wafters balance perfectly with just the weight of the hook without the aid of putty so very user friendly and give off long term feeding triggers which are emitted from the natural aminos oozing from these hookbaits that large wary carp just can’t resist.

Available in 12mm x 14mm Barrel & 15mm x 18mm Barrel

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Weight 0.200 kg

12mm x 14mm Barrel, 15 x18mm Barrel


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