Target Down by Ashley Irvine

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It goes without saying I think the carp gods are well on my side this year! And things just keep getting better as the year go’s on. I’ve been  doing my quick overnighters all summer fishing from 19:00 till half 5 before work most Mondays and Thursdays. I’m not going to lie its been hard work but the effort has really payed off I’ve  had some very special fish!

On my last week out on the Monday I had a pukka result landing myself a stunning 30lb common and that had me proper buzzing to get back down on Thursday. I had a little prep work to do Wednesday with baiting up and raking out to make the spots bang on!  Thursday came the rods were all ready to rock with 3 naked running chods all baited with 16mm VNF pop ups. My spots were well coloured and I could see that they had been well on the baited spots and there were still a few fish milling around the area. My confidence was sky high and I didn’t have to wait long before the right hand rod was hooped round and a one toner was screaming out   on the Rx. The fish gave me a proper beating up in the weed out in front of me as they always do on this lake. But then she started to play ball and came in quite close and I almost …. myself I could see it was one of my top target fish! As you can imagine my knees were like jelly but after a sprinted battle she was all mine! To say I was buzzing was an understatement the history behind this fish is unreal it’s age and its looks are mind blowing as I think you will agree.12004128_938201999573680_1650508221951228640_n

11954591_938202129573667_4047249106803703059_nAfter sitting on the bed for a while taking in the moment I thought I better get the rod back out on the spot. And it went out sweet first time just on last light with a little more of the good stuff around it. I was feeling mega confident for another bite as the fish really started to bosh out all over me well into dark! But most of the night went without even a single bleep and then the work alarm sounded and the snooze button was hit for just another five minutes to try and wake up! But literally 30 seconds after the left hand rod was screaming. I lifted in to this fish and it almost pulled me off my feet the cluch was screaming and it took line at a unreal pace! But after a 15 minute battle through two weed beds I slipped the net under a lump of a common. And when I lifted this fish on to the mat I couldn’t believe how pristine it was the mouth was immaculate  I couldn’t find any hook damage whatsoever and for a busy club water I was  shocked!11924289_938202006240346_3353244120364893175_n

That was me off to work for the day with a big grin on my face and loving the buzz of the session!

Tight lines Ash


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